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"Gary and his helper were professional and very respectful. I will call you again, when I need my carpets cleaned."

- Lora Jennings

"Hugh did his job well and did not take all day to do it. Now that I know what to expect, I will call you more often. My time is valuable to me and I appreciate a speedy, thorough job."  

- Amanda Jones

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Dear Steamers,


My carpet looks great!  I had some really tough kid stains.  I had tried to spot clean them myself, but only made the matters worse.  To my surprise, Gary was able to get them out completely.  He was cautious when he examined the stains, and told me he would do his best, but could make no promises.  Gary and his helper were professional and very respectful.  I will call you again, when I need my carpets cleaned.


Thanks again.


Lora Jennings


Dear Steamers,


Joe and Mike just left, while it is fresh on my mind I need to email you my thoughts.  When they arrived Joe reviewed the cleaning/repair  job order.  I agreed and showed him the spot in my carpet  my cat had clawed and ruined.  Joe suggested that he do a patch, taking carpet from  a corner under my stair case.  I was somewhat reluctant but agreed anyway.  The patch looks wonderful, it is in fact undistinguishable!  I am amazed.  The patch under my staircase is not really visible unless you crawl underneath…so I am happy with that as well.  My carpet is relatively new, I am so relived that I am not replacing it.  After the repair and the cleaning, my carpet looks brand new.  Please tell Joe and Mike what a great job they did.




Monica Swenson



Dear Steamers


Thank you for sending Hugh to my home to clean.  He is so nice and soft spoken.


He explained to me what he would be doing and even cautioned me about how slippery the floor would be.  He worked steadily, and was done in a really short time.  I commented on how fast he was.  He proudly told me that he has the best equipment to work with and a good assistant also.  I inspected the carpet, looking for areas that didn't come clean.  I found none.  Hugh did his job well and did not take all day to do it.  Now that I know what to expect, I will call you more often.  My time is valuable to me and I appreciate a speedy, thorough job.


Amanda Jones



Dear Steamers,


Merry Christmas to you and your team.  Just want to say thanks for the job well done.  I was preparing for a Christmas party, call you guys hoping to be worked into the schedule.  I was able to get my carpet cleaned that very day.  It dried in about 3, maybe 4 hours.  My guest arrived and I felt good about the way my home looked.   Thanks so much.  I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Yours truly,


Veronica Masters



Dear Steamers,


I have had the sweetest young man cleaning my tile today.  His name is Michael.  He was well mannered, and charming calling me “Miss Loretta”.  He and his buddy, Gary cleaned my saltillo tile.  I had to call several places (3) before I could even get someone who sounded like they knew what I wanted to have done.  My saltillo looked so bad, black grout and spotty.  It never looked clean anymore.  They stripped, cleaned and sealed the tile.  It is sort of shiney, or I should say glossy now.  It looks clean!  The boys worked all day.  You should be proud of them.  I will be sure to tell my friends about you.




Loretta Richards



Dear Steamers


I am a new customer.  I found your coupon in a mailer I receive.  There were several carpet coupons in the package.  I  chose your company after talking with your office lady, even though you were not the cheapest.  The lady made me feel like your company was reliable.  The guys came, did their work and I am satisfied.  I will say the men were professional in appearance, seemed strong enough to tackle a big job and I could talk to them easily.  I have had carpet cleaners before that were cheaper, they were quick to do their work and did not ask for my approval before they left.  In fact I could not converse with them at all.  So what I am really trying to say is that “You get what you pay for”.


I appreciate an honest, good job.


J.B. Franklin



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